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03 August 2013

Hugo Salinas Price - Elites Plan to Control the World

02 August 2013 - In stunning fashion Hugo Salinas Price has revealed how he believes there is a frightening plan to control the world going forward. He described the people planning this as “barbarians,” and said, “this is not going to end well.” He also issued this ominous warning, “I have very serious doubts about the survival of our civilization under such people.” Below is what he had to say.

“With regards to the social question in the world, in 1929 a Spanish thinker by the name of Ortega y Gasset wrote a book that really shook up the world titled, ‘The Revolt of the Masses.’

He was talking about the appearance on the world stage of new individuals. He was writing about the growth of the population and the appearance of new individuals coming in to the mass of humanity. And these individuals evidently are (what he described as) ‘barbarians.’....

“They came too suddenly to be educated, and for the knowledge of how to keep the Western way of life alive. These (barbarian) people have increased (in numbers), and now they have taken over power (in the world).

So now we are in the hands of ‘barbarians.’ They have no idea of how our society came to be, and what is necessary to keep it going. They are fiddling with the controls: You might think of a monkey flying a 747 (airplane) -- they don’t have any idea what they are doing. And this is not going to end well with the barbarians at the controls.

We don’t have people who write books in power any more. I remember when a Prime Minister of England was a skilled musician and wrote books before he became Prime Minister. Where do we have such people in power today? We don’t have scholars or people with a true background of education, history, economics and politics.

They are all working on the spur of the moment. They are experimenting to see if this works and that works. And I have very serious doubts about the survival of our civilization under such people. I expect that a great crisis is coming. We are going to see a great separation and some people are just not going to make it, and the old truths are going to come back into fashion because of the need for survival.”

He also added: “I think we are going to see a series of bankruptcies. I think the rise in interest rates is the fatal sign which is going to ignite a derivatives crisis. This is going to bring down the derivatives system (and the financial system).

There are (over) one quadrillion dollars of derivatives and most of them are related to interest rates. The spiking of interest rates in the United States may set that off. What is going to happen in the world is eventually we are going to come to a moment where there is going to be massive bankruptcies around the globe.

What is going to be left after the dust settles is gold, and some people are going to have it and some people are not. Then the problem is going to be to hold on to what you’ve got because it’s not going to be a very pleasant world.”

24 February 2013

Podcast: Merlin Miller Talks Iran, Israel and False Flag

February 22, 2013 AFP 

Merlin L. Miller, independent film director, writer, producer and 2012 presidential candidate, discusses his most recent trip to the Islamic Republic of Iran and his film project, False Flag, mirrored on the USS Liberty incident, and why it’s so vitally important to get it produced this year, in this interview (8:30).

Dave Gahary, a former submariner in the U.S. Navy, is the host of AFP’s ‘Underground Interview’ series.

Please listen to more podcasts on: American Free Press

22 February 2013

Gutsy Bishop Refuses to Recant Beliefs

February 13, 2013 AFP 
By Lady Michèle Renouf

The $2,400 fine levied in Regensburg, Germany against British Bishop Richard Williamson, 72, on January 16, is the latest outcome of a retrial over the politically incorrect opinions about the Holocaust the world’s last traditionally-faithful Catholic bishop restated in 2008 when ambushed on German soil by a Swedish television crew. The aim of the reduced fine—levied for “Holocaust denial”—from just under $9,000 in 2011 to $2,400, was to encourage Williamson to simply pay up. But in the case of this incorruptible bishop, who is not afraid to voice the warnings in the New Testament about usury, deceivers and treachery, this is not the end of it.

Years ago, commenting upon the forensic findings of scientists, experts, historians and the rigorous cross-examination of eyewitnesses—who admitted employing “poetic license”—presented during Ernst Zuendel’s 1988 “Great Holocaust Trial” in Ontario, Williamson said that the story of “6 million Jews murdered in mass homicidal gas chambers” during World War II was “lies, lies, lies.”

The Society of St. Pius X (SSPX), whose founder, Marcel Lefebvre, consecrated Bishop Williamson in 1988, broke away from the church to oppose the Judaization of Catholicism engineered at the Second Vatican Council in the 1960s. In 2008, the pope was preparing to lift the excommunication of the society’s members, but the society had to make “amends.” This included excommunicating all bishops who refused to recant their “heresy” on the Holocaust.

Thus, Williamson, being a member, came under tremendous pressure from the leaders of the SSPX to abandon his defense and meekly accept criminalization for his beliefs about the Holocaust. Having failed to goad Williamson into resigning from the SSPX, the group’s head, Bishop Bernard Fellay, in compliance with tyrannical Jewish lobbying pressure, saw to Williamson’s expulsion.

Too little acknowledged nowadays are the warnings about the anti-gentiles—“the deceivers,” as they are described by the traditional SSPX and the Koran. These warnings arise over the Talmud, the Jewish law books and “middoth,” the Jewish fact-dismissive method of argument. The middoth, of course, is ethically incompatible with our classical truth-seeking culture. The Frankfurt School of deconstructive argument, still heavily influential since its infiltration into Germany’s intellectual spheres in 1923, is a latter-day manifestation of the Judaic middoth method of debate.

In his online “Eleison Comments” dated January 19, Williamson clarifies his battle for the survival of Lefebvre’s original SSPX and the treachery of its current leadership—“a fish rotting from the head.”

Here we are, with more and more prosecutions for skeptical opinions being perpetrated across Europe. Even sports stars in England are being recruited to give lessons on the Holocaust. Soccer heroes, born long after WWII, now endorse DVDs produced by the Holocaust Educational Trust for schools, entitled “Introduction to the Holocaust: Footballers Remember.” The same teaching guidelines apply—Hollywood style—to promote lies, not forensically-objective history.

The official international “Guidelines for Teaching About the Holocaust” dictate that: “Care must be taken not to give a platform for deniers . . . or seek to disprove the deniers’ position through normal historical debate or rational argument.”

Americans should not imagine that laws in 14 European countries, as well as Israel, against freedom of debate are confined to the Old World. This writer is banned by the state of Kentucky from showing up at the Ohio Valley Military Society’s annual late February “Show of Shows” for her political and historical views. If she does, all participants will be thrown out.

Lady Michèle Renouf is an Australian-born advertising model, now a British national, and a lifelong international television commercials actress with a thirty year membership of British Actors Equity. She has become known in recent years for her defense of Holocaust deniers such as David Irving, Robert Faurisson, Bishop Richard Williamson, Germar Rudolf, Ernst Zündel, and Fredrick Töben in broadcasts and her Telling Films documentaries. Though not a revisionist author or researcher herself, she has been frequently characterized by opponents as a Holocaust denier. Renouf has also described Judaism as a “repugnant and hateful religion.”


06 February 2013

Important Article regarding Germany by Prof. Antal Feteke


by Antal E. Fekete
New Austrian School of Economics

Germany is neither independent nor sovereign, prevailing pretences notwithstanding. It has American troops on her soil for reasons unexplained and unexplainable after all Soviet occupying troops were withdrawn almost 25 years ago. Equally significant is the fact that the lion’s share of the German gold reserve is in American custody. If the Bundesbank asked for the repatriation of a token part of that gold over a long period of time, we may take it for granted that it was done on American instructions.

But why would the Americans ask the Bundesbank to request the return of a part of German gold from the ‘safety’ of the basement of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in lower Manhattan? Surely not because the vaults are bulging with American gold and they have to make room for more.

It’s all grand theater. There is a hidden agenda that has to be camouflaged. The best way of doing it is to put up a show. The public is fascinated by images of shuffling central bank gold.

One reason, perhaps the chief reason for this exercise is that the managers of the global fiat money system are preparing for the coming showdown, the final curtain on what some years ago I dubbed The Last Contango in Washington. In other words, policymakers are preparing for (or trying to fend off) permanent backwardation in the world’s gold futures markets that is threatening to rip apart the present shabby make-belief payments system of the world.

Contango is the normal condition of the gold futures markets when the spot price of gold is at a discount relative to the price of futures contracts. It demonstrates that plenty of gold is available to satisfy present demand. People are confident that promises to deliver gold will be honored. The condition opposite to contango is called backwardation that obtains when the futures price loses its premium relative to the spot price and goes to a discount. In the gold market this condition is highly anomalous because, on the face of it, it allows traders to earn risk free profits. They sell spot gold at a premium, and buy it back at a discount for future delivery. However, risk free profits are ephemeral since the very action of traders will instantaneously eliminate them. What this suggests is that permanent backwardation in gold could never happen by the very nature of the case.

Yet unknown to the general public a very great danger is looming, the like of which has not threatened the world since the collapse of the Western half of the Roman Empire more than fifteen hundred years ago. This danger, should it materialize, would mark the end of our civilization and the beginning of a new Dark Age. I am talking about a threat of the sudden and complete collapse of world trade. It would be heralded by permanent gold backwardation, something that allegedly could never happen. Hard on its heels would follow the collapse of the dollar payments system. Barter, of course, would take place between neighboring countries, but world trade as we know it would disappear altogether.

The metric whereby the turning of contango into backwardation can be measured is called the gold basis. It is the premium on the price of gold for future delivery as per the nearby contract relative to the spot price. Thus negative gold basis is tantamount to backwardation. We have scarcely a forty-year history for the gold basis to go by, because there was no organized futures trading for gold before America defaulted on her international gold obligations on August 15, 1971.

Futures trading started out with a robust gold basis. Contango was at its peak. The gold basis cannot be higher than the full carrying charge (also known as the opportunity cost of holding gold, the major component of which is interest). But soon enough the gold basis started eroding, and erosion has continued to this day. This was an ominous process that was ignored by all politicians, economists and financial journalists.

The vanishing of the gold basis is all the more curious since it has been taking place against the background of a steady advance in the gold price. Textbook economics teaches that an advance in price always and everywhere calls out new supplies. However, textbook economics is helpless when it comes to gold. For gold the exact opposite is true: an advance in price makes supply contract; and a very large advance may make supply disappear altogether. The reason for this paradox is that gold is a monetary metal. All the bad-mouthing of gold by economists in the pay of governments won’t change that fact. By now the decay has gone so far that the gold basis is practically zero, with occasional dips into negative territory.

Academia ostensibly avoids researching the gold basis, pretending that it has as much bearing on the world economy as the basis for frozen pork bellies. The public is kept in total ignorance. Yet you can ignore the gold basis only at your own peril. It is the only indicator available showing the progressive deterioration of the fiat money system. As is well known, there has never been a successful experiment with fiat currency in all history. Nor was it for lack of trying. Every such experiment was either abandoned as enlightened governments decided to return the currency to a metallic basis, or it ended in utter fiasco causing tremendous economic pain to people as the fiat currency was rapidly losing all its purchasing power.

The relentless contraction of the gold basis means that gold available for future delivery is fast disappearing. Gold is constantly moving into strong hands that hold on to it and will not relinquish it even in the face of steeply rising prices. Eventually the gold supply dries up and sporadic backwardation gives way to permanent backwardation. Gold mines refuse to take paper money for their product. If you want to have gold, you will have to have recourse to barter.

Permanent backwardation means that confidence in fiat paper currency and government promises to pay has evaporated. After all, considering their origin, irredeemable bank notes are nothing but dishonored promises to pay gold. Once confidence is shattered, all the king’s horses and all the king’s men cannot put Humpty Dumpty together again. Permanent backwardation is like a black hole. There is no way out of it. Not even a light ray can escape from its clutches. That’s how black holes earn their name. ‘Permanent backwardation’ is not as suggestive as the name ‘black hole’, but it can gobble up the world economy nevertheless.

The gold basis is akin to the efficiency of bribe money. At first the bribe is taken with no questions asked. But as it becomes a regular feature of gold trading, effectiveness is lost. In the end the bribe is refused when it is realized that the objective is to cheat the holder out of his possession of gold. A trading system built on bribe is a house of cards. It is dishonest. It depends on deception and falsecarding.

This brings me back to the German gold reserve. As sporadic backwardation in gold becomes ever more frequent, the gentlemen in charge of running the world’s fiat money system get alarmed. The only way to pacify the market is to release more and more central bank gold. Physical gold. The beast must be fed. Paper gold will not do (although, of course, these gentlemen will keep trying to flood the market with it).

Releasing American gold to the futures market directly from the Fed is out of the question. It would confirm the suspicion, already rampant, that the dollar is a colossus of clay feet standing in knee-deep water. So let the client states of America do the releasing. The Germans have a reputation of favoring hard currency. They are reluctant to join the currencies’ ‘race to the bottom’. Germany is the natural choice to feed the gold futures markets in an effort to protect the dollar against the last assault that is shaping up.

For a long time America has been twisting the arm of other countries, including the U.K. and Switzerland, making them sell hundreds of tons of central bank gold, while America was not selling one ounce. “Do as I say, not as I do!” During all this time Germany was not selling either. The appearance was maintained that this decision was made in Germany. It wasn’t; rather, it has the mark “made in U.S.A.” German gold is the last defense of the dollar. By now practically all central banks ignore the siren song from America. From sellers they have become buyers of gold. According to the American master plan Germany is the last fort of the crumbling global fiat money system. Germany will not defect: that is the purpose of keeping American troops on German soil. Germany will dutifully do the job of feeding the futures market with gold in an effort to fend off permanent backwardation. The repatriation of a part of the German gold reserve is a trial balloon. If markets get scared and panic selling occurs before the Bundesbank starts selling, so much the better. But if false-carding fails and the world-wide march of gold into private hoards continues unabated, then let the Bundesbank, not the Fed, bleed gold. America’s gold must be spared at all hazards.

On such tricks and deception is the international monetary system grounded.

* * *

What, then, is the solution? How can sudden death in world trade be averted? Fortunately, there are still upright politicians around. Godfrey Bloom of the European Parliament, MP for Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire ridings in the U.K. suggests that Germany should repatriate ALL of its gold and reinstate a golden deutsche mark.

The underlying cause of the world financial crisis is runaway debt. Gold is the only ultimate extinguisher of debt. Since its expulsion from the international monetary system total debt in the world can only grow, never contract. To stop the cancerous growth of debt gold must be reinstated in its former position as the guardian of the quality of debt.

If, defying American wishes, Germany took the initiative in creating a gold mark and opening the German Mint to gold where all comers could convert their gold ingots into gold coin, the course of world history would be changed. It would be Germany’s finest hour. Civilization will have been saved and the onset of a new Dark Age averted. The gold mark could circulate side-by-side with the irredeemable euro and dollar. Let the people decide whether they want to get paid in crisis-prone fiat currencies or, perhaps, they prefer the time-honored stability of the gold coin. It is hardly in doubt what the choice of the people would be.

The German initiative will set off a chain reaction of similar virtuous acts by the major central banks of the world, in order to prevent the fatal depreciation of their currencies against the gold mark. The latter will be well on its way to become the most coveted currency in the world for international trade. The financial system will be saved from the ordeal of competitive currency devaluations and from the corrosive effect of ever-expanding government deficits. Governments will be forced to face reality and live responsibly within their means like everyone else. Farmers will no longer be paid for not farming, and able-bodied workers for not working. Youth unemployment, in particular, will be a thing of the past.

There is a precedent. In 1948 Germany defied the occupying force when it created the Deutsche Mark without bothering to ask for permission in Washington.

But is the gold standard not deflation-prone? In the 1930’s the international gold standard collapsed because of this very fact, did it not?

As the father of the Deutsche Mark, Wilhelm Röpke (1899-1966) said: it is not the gold standard that failed, but those in whose care it was entrusted. 

January 25, 2013.


25 November 2012

Only 11.5 Percent of the Swiss in favour of joining the EU

Source: 20Minuten Online
24 November 2012

Switzerland’s desire to join the EU is unpopular as never before. In addition, the European Economic Area (EEA) is increasingly unpopular as a new survey shows. Therefore for the Swiss a political alignment with the European Union is slowly disappearing into the distance.

No desire for the EU: The Swiss people reject
EU membership as clearly as ever.

The confidence of the Swiss in the European Union is gone: Only 11.5 percent of the voters are in favor of joining. Twelve years ago more than a third desired becoming a part of the EU. This is the result of an evaluation made by the Swiss newspaper "SonntagsZeitung" based on a set of surveys continuously conducted since 1993 by the research institute Isopublic.

For the Swiss the EU has never been so unpopular as it is now in 2012. Even membership of the EEA – which Swiss voters rejected 20 years ago with 50.3 percent – would be rejected by a massive margin if they were to vote today; only about 32 percent still want to join it.

"Serious deadlock»

In the Euro-friendly French-speaking part of Switzerland the same trends are seen. Until 2008 a clear majority of 60 percent there spoke for EEA membership - today it's only 41.5 percent.

These figures send out a clear signal to the politicians. Their reactions reflect this. For instance Christa Markwalder FDP National Councillor said regarding European policy Switzerland is "in a serious deadlock." She advocates a "EEA light".

Old Federal Councillor Micheline Calmy-Rey (SP) does not see any alternative to bilateral agreements. SVP patron Christoph Blocher anticipating a European referendum in the next few years says, "I'll have to get involved once again." Considering these figures this fight should be one of his easiest.

18 November 2012

The 2012 DMF Prize for Idiot of the Year goes to...

Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel for his most idiotic stunt at the United Nations this year displaying a poster intended to instill awe and (he hoped) the desire for war among the world's population of goyim. What he actually achieved is that the whole world ended up pointing at him and bursting out into laughter.

What a twat!

A (modified) version of that poster puts things into proper perspective...